The Freedom Trail and Mass-holes

After a few relaxed days which included a day in bed, it was finally time to leave the house and see a bit more of Boston. So for my friends back in London, I know I said I will be staying in Boston but turns out I am actually in Cambridge Ha! But Boston is a mile away so potato-potaato I guess.

I took a round about way to get to Boston hoping to walk along the river for a mile or two but I must have taken a wrong turn (or three) coz well, I only managed to catch glimpses of the river. Nothing spectacular about the walk except the sheer number of colleges here. Apparently there are 70 colleges in Boston alone!

After getting into Boston I went for a walk along Newbury street which is a mile long stretch of classy boutiques and lovely looking cafes, a bit like Covent Garden in London except it was much less crowded so you can actually walk on the footpaths instead of on peoples toes. I didn’t go to any boutique coz I hate shopping. From there I went to see the Boston Public Gardens which was beautiful but I didn’t take any pictures coz I was freezing (deceived by the sunshine!) but I did see a homeless man arguing with 2 squirrels. He said “I am telling you, get out of my face or I will kick you” (to the squirrels, not me) I guess people in Massachussets are called mass-holes for a reason. Ha!

I also walked the Boston Freedom Trail which is a 2.5mile long walk passing through 16 locations significant to the United States history! The walk took in total of 3hrs and passed through some unimpressive sights that I would surely have missed had I not seen them on the map.




My favourites from the walk were

  1. It was sunny throughout (yes, sunny, in the winter! Take that London!)
  2. I discovered the Quincy food hall. So much food! From Indian to Chinese to Japanese to Mexican to the local delights like clam chowder, lobster rolls, steamed lobsters, etc. Wish I had taken pictures of the inside of the food hall but it was like oxford circus a day before Christmas, packed! I decided to not take pictures and instead tried the much recommended clam chowder. It doesn’t look it but this creamy soup with bits of seafood in it was YUM! Highly recommended.


3. North End or Little Italy. Full of Italian restaurants, cafes and Italian speaking people and big daunting cars on the street. I was half expecting Don Corleone to pass by. But he didn’t. So instead I settled for a delicious coffee and a chocolate and pistachio biscotti at a local café and tried not to fall asleep at the table. It was a long day. Traveling can be tough.


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