What a wonderful day! Went to the Harvard side of the city today. I could have taken the underground but it was another sunny day so decided to walk along the Charles river and enjoy the sunshine and the autumn colours.



I was told before hand that the university grounds are not as pretty as Oxford or Cambridge in England and that was true but it was still great to be at THE Harvard University. DSCF0209

The Harvard Yard is what tourists usually go to see. It is the oldest part of the university and contains dormitories, libraries, department buildings, a church etc.


What I enjoyed more though was walking in the Harvard Square which is the area outside the campus and serves as a commercial center for Harvard students. With loads of places to eat, cafes to chill and students and tourists ambling about it has a wonderfully relaxed pace. On a sunny day you could simply sit in one of the open spaces and people watch which is what I did.

A must do if you are in Harvard Square is to visit Burdick’s to have one of the best hot chocolates ever! They serve either dark, milk or white chocolate variety. I went for the dark option and it was delicious. Can’t wait to go back and try the milk chocolate one next time.


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