More museums and more food

I don’t think I could live in Canada, atleast not in the winters. I usually get headaches at the drop of a hat and the cold and wind here is just making it worse for me. So to avoid more pain than needed, and because I enjoy it, I’ve been going to museums the past couple of days.

The first one I went to was the ROM which is the Royal Ontario museum. This is a museum of world cultures and natural history. It is one of the largest in North America with more than 40 galleries and 6 million items ranging from art from Africa to Asia, displays and artefacts showing the history and journey of Greek and Roman kingdoms over a few 100 to 1000 years, minerals, gemstones and meteorites and the worlds largest collection of fossils from the Burgess Shale (which is the worlds most celebrated fossil field).
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Just got back from spending time 2 days with a school friend of mine. Aside from the people I’ve grown up with, I’ve been friends with her the longest, 17years! Over that time we’ve been to school together, been to the same university (but different disciplines), moved to different countries, met up in the UK, in India and now again in Canada. Somehow, wherever we are, we’ve managed to keep in touch and meet at least every 3years.


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Home Alone

Around 5 days have passed since Niagara Falls and this is the laziest I’ve been since I’ve come to the US! It’s a combination of being tired after NY, it being cold outside and my cousin’s gorgeous house that has made me stay indoors.

The first time I entered the house, when all I could see was the living room, the family room and a bit of the kitchen, I fell in love with this place. The cream coloured walls, the soft brown/beige furnishings and the beautiful dark brown wooden floors makes this place so very warm and welcoming. It’s a massive house, set on 3 floors and for my stay here I’ve got my own bedroom and bathroom…nice! What struck me the most are the wooden floors though. Usually, I hate walking bare feet coz my feet get really dry (and dirty) but walking on wooden floors is so awesome that I’ve ditched the flip flops for now!

So the past few days I’ve had a lot of me-time (whoop whoop!) which I’ve spent on cooking and reading and then watching movies with my cousin and sis-in-law in the evening! I have offered them a deal; they can hire me as their personal cook in return for letting me live here! Their decision awaits…

Niagara Falls!

My cousin decided that we should visit the Niagara Falls the day after I reached Canada because the weather was going to be good, max of 2 degrees Celsius. Ha!

So off we went the next day. It was a 1.5hr drive to the falls and we used this time to catch up on how life has turned out for us.I was seeing my cousin after 8 years and I had never met my sister in law before. My cousin and I were very close while growing up. Our families have taken few trips together of which we still have very fond memories. Over the years we sort of lost touch (I can be so bad at keeping in touch with people) but it seems like the bond we shared while growing up was strong enough to withstand the 8year gap. When we met this time it was like we were simply picking up from where we left off. So during the drive we talked of all the silly stuff we did as kids, what we’ve been up to after we left school and after we left India. I also used this time to get to know my sis-in-law.
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Flying to Toronto

So my journey into Canada was a bit of a weird one. It was only 1hr 45mins on the flight from NY but somehow, by the end of it, I was absolutely knackered.

The oddities started the night before. While trying to check in online, the AirCanada website was telling me that the airport I was flying out from (and had planned the route for) was now changed. Instead of JFK I was now flying out of LaGuardia! I remembered receiving an updated itinerary from AirCanada a while back but it had contained the same information as when I had first booked the flight and back then I had thought it was an erroneous email. I dug the email out and I was right, the original and updated itineraries were the same.

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