Love hate relationship…with London

Back from the US, I have a 2 day stopover in London before going to Germany. Today’s the first day back and I had the afternoon to myself before seeing some friends in the evening. I decided to come into Central London. First thing I noticed was the underground tubes; so much cleaner and less noisier and less smellier than the subway in New York or the metro in Boston. Anyone Londoners who complain about our tubes should visit NY if only to appreciate how much better our public transport is here.

After getting off the tube, I walked from the Monument station to the Tower Bridge, along the Thames river, a lunch-time walk I’ve done countless number of times (coz I used to work less than .5 mile away), a walk I’ve always enjoyed. But today it was different, today it was a walk without the stress of having to rush back to work, I didn’t keep looking at my watch to check how much time i have left for lunch. I felt like a tourist today.
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And the countdown begins…

Emotional roller coaster. That sums up what I felt in the last few weeks before my big adventure.

It was exciting and liberating to think of what experiences I would have but thinking of what I was giving up for that was making me nervous as hell. I was having conflicting thoughts like “I am finally leaving London like I had always wanted to but I am also packing up 7 years of my life here.” “I will meet so many new people but I am going to be away from some of my closest friends.” “I can go wherever I want, whenever I want but I won’t have a home for the next year or so.” “I will get to eat food from so many different countries but I won’t really get to cook up a storm like I love doing coz well, I won’t have a home or my own kitchen.” Continue reading “And the countdown begins…”

Becoming a nomad

As some of you know, I have recently embarked on an adventure/holiday/vacation, whatever you want to call it. I have an idea of what I want to do, where I want to go and what I want to see while I am away but I have no fixed plan, no fixed timeline and no fixed destination. I want to experience what ‘going with the flow’ truly means. I want to understand how it feels to be free, even if I’ts for a few months/years.

But what made me take this leap? How did the decision come about? Did it take me months or years to finally be able to do it? Continue reading “Becoming a nomad”