Touring NYC – WTC, China Town, Little Italy

So my friend’s girlfriend, who feels equally like a friend to me now, took a day off to show me around and I was really excited at having a girl’s day out.

I was ready to go with her flow as she knows NYC REALLY well. We started with ground zero which has another building in place of the twin towers and a memorial structure that’s under construction, nothing much to look at to be honest. The twin towers were a wonder when they existed and their non-existence is a wonder in itself. People go to the site to see and take pictures of what “should have been”.
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The Freedom Trail and Mass-holes

After a few relaxed days which included a day in bed, it was finally time to leave the house and see a bit more of Boston. So for my friends back in London, I know I said I will be staying in Boston but turns out I am actually in Cambridge Ha! But Boston is a mile away so potato-potaato I guess.

I took a round about way to get to Boston hoping to walk along the river for a mile or two but I must have taken a wrong turn (or three) coz well, I only managed to catch glimpses of the river. Nothing spectacular about the walk except the sheer number of colleges here. Apparently there are 70 colleges in Boston alone! Continue reading “The Freedom Trail and Mass-holes”