The Maltese Charm

We had done barely any research on Malta before we came to the island. In fact, till a few weeks before the trip I thought the island was Spanish whereas my sister thought it was Italian. In reality, it belongs to neither. Malta is an independent island country comprising an archipelago of 7 islands.

We chose Malta coz of it’s year round warm climate and coz the flights were at least 150-200pounds cheaper than to Tenerife, my first choice after I spent an amazing Xmas there last year. The flight to Malta was ok, the only odd thing being that our passports were not checked even once on the entire journey! The check in and the baggage drop off at the airport in Munich was automated. Only our boarding passes were checked while boarding the plane and when we arrived in Malta we didn’t go through immigration at all! We went directly to the baggage claim! Not sure if this was coz it was Xmas day and the staff was on holiday or it is always this easy to get into Malta.
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