Life after Malta

Sorry I haven’t written anything for a while and thank you for asking me to update my blog, it’s good to know there are people besides my family who are following my adventure 😀

So things have been up and down after my trip to Malta.
Both, sister and I fell ill during/after our trip. And I was tired from being constantly on the move for the 2 months before that. Boston -> NYC – > Toronto -> NYC – > Boston -> UK -> Germany -> Malta -> Germany! (Phew. It was tiring to even type that!) I know that being on the move will be the norm this year for me but let’s just say I was ready to not move my arse for a while. Which is exactly what I did for a good 10 days after Malta. All I did was sleep, eat, read loads and well sleep some more.

And then of course I had to go back to London to pick up my OCI card. I was really excited to go back to see my friends and even more excited that once I left I would not have to go back to London anytime soon! I do love London, I think it’s probably the most happening and the most convenient city in the world (not that I have seen the world, yet) but even so, I’ve lived there enough to last me a while.
Goes without saying that it was brilliant to see my friends again, probably for the last time this year!
I also stayed with a couple of really close friends which was fantastic.
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Snowball effect of flight check-in bag

I am flying back to London this weekend to get my OCI card. OCI stands for Overseas Citizen of India. Since I am now a British national, I’ve had to surrender my Indian passport (as India does not allow dual citizenship) and in return I get an OCI card which is like a life-long visa to enter motherland. It gives me the same privileges as an Indian citizen except that I cannot vote or own agricultural land, neither of which I am fussed about it.

My plan now is to go to London, collect my OCI card, back to Germany, then to India and then SE Asia. For the last 2-3 months I’ve mostly carried around stuff for cold weather but when I go back to London this time I need to bring back some stuff, that I have stored at my friends place, for hot weather for when I go to India/SE Asia. I asked myself a simple Q; do I need a check in bag while coming back to Germany? This got me thinking; while going to London, I’ll have a cabin bag + a big purse which will contain some clothes to wear in London. So will I have enough space to bring back my summer clothes and “any other things” from London? I know what clothes I need in India but what will I need in SE Asia? My guess was shorts and tank tops, end of, but let’s ask Mr Google. After reading a LOT of blogs, I found most of them advising to wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders when out and about. And here I was thinking teeny-tiny clothes will be enough! This made me realize that I haven’t given planning for my trip much thought!
And wait, what about stuff besides clothes, like toiletries for eg. Ok, let’s make a list. Face cream, body lotion, face masks, hair masks, manuka honey, aloe, face oils, aromatherapy oils, organic shampoos… Errrmmm. Seems a *bit* too much. But the list is not even complete yet! One thing about me is that I love my skin care and hair care routine and most of what I use is natural and organic and there are some things I can cannot shall not travel without! Surely I can buy these things in SE Asia or should I buy all of this from London? So I started looking up what I can buy while in SE Asia and what I should bring with me. This research brought up stuff like how I should carry razors, sun creams, some female hygiene “stuff” and a lot of other things that are very difficult to find! Oh dear, panic setting in.

Hold on, I also need to buy a backpack! But if I don’t know what I can/should take carry with me then how do I decide what size backpack I need?!?! And I’m only going to carry a backpack and a small day pack. No way am I carrying more than this coz I did that in USA/Canada and man, how I hated packing repacking every few weeks! My solution to that dilemma was to carry less in the first place.

So before I leave for London this weekend I must decide what I am carrying to SE Asia, which means planning for may be a 6 months (or 8 months or 12months, god alone knows!) trip in only 3 days. That will then help me decide how big a backpack I need and that will help me decide if I can fit all my backpacking stuff in my cabin bag while coming back from London or if need a check in bag! Oh wait, I think I lost sight of how this all started. Let’s backtrack. Do I need a check in bag while flying back from London to Germany? Sure. It’ll cost me just 15quid and that way I can have 3 months to properly plan my SE Asia adventure!! Ha, easy-peasy!

Wo ist der Grünkohl! (Where is the Kale!)

I honestly think that Germans should eat a bit less pretzel and wurst and a bit more kale!! Ok, that was a bit harsh.

So, I’ve recently fallen in love with kale (and I am not exaggerating). I’d heard about these apparently super healthy greens for a while but somehow I never thought of trying it. Then my friend prepared it for dinner one night, while I was in Boston, and that was it! I fell in love with the delicious, crunchy leaves and the fibrous stems! Now, I actually crave kale and try to buy it as often as I can.
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Merry Christmas!

In the past one week I’ve been to 4 Christmas markets in Germany; 1 in Ingolstadt, 1 in Nuremberg and 2 in Regensburg.
Xmas markets for me are all about enjoying the festive atmosphere, walking through myriad of stalls (selling food, drinks, desserts and traditional handicraft) and enjoying the delicious mix of scents from all the food, nuts and spices, and of course, eating. Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”