No home, no job, no plan…

No home, no job, no plan…How does it feel? Unbelievably normal. Agreed, that I’ve only been away for a week but not even once have I felt “oh my god, I don’t have an income anymore, I don’t have a home anymore, what am I going to do?” It almost makes me wonder why I didn’t think of doing this earlier.

It’s crazy how I’ve gone from almost buying a flat in London 6 months ago to leaving everything behind and becoming a nomad. The other thing I can’t believe is how little energy I have for sight seeing! Ha! Everyday is like a weekend. I sleep for 8-10hours (as a rule), wake up and read in bed for a few hours, get breakfast, go out for long walks, see little bit more of Boston, be pleasantly surprised that the sun is still shining, come back home after 4-5hrs and think what a long day it’s been! It’s been exactly a week since I came to Boston and I am already ready for my 2nd full day at home. Anyways, just got back from a long walk and I am going to take a nap (after I finish eating the blueberry cheesecake that is).

Some pics from my walk along the Charles River Esplanade and my lunch…





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