Day of free ‘stuff’

So you know how I spoke about my laziness in the last post? Turns out it isn’t just me being lazy but I have a cold, a cold! I’ve had about 2 bouts of cold in the last 7 years and then I get a cold now! Had forgotten what it feels like, quite amusing really, except the runny nose obviously.

So anyways, that meant I had a very lazy start to the day, or should I say lazier. Tea in bed after breakfast lasted couple of hours instead of an hour, reading in bed after that lasted another hour. You get the idea. But the sun was shining (I still cannot get over the fact that the sun shines in the winter here! Whoop whoop!) and I wanted to feel the warmth on my face so I went for a quick walk to the park. But it has gotten chillier in the last few days and what with having a cold I couldn’t say out very long. So instead I hopped on the train to go to this restaurant called James Hook and Company in South Boston to try their much raved about Lobster Roll. Continue reading “Day of free ‘stuff’”