Life after Malta

Sorry I haven’t written anything for a while and thank you for asking me to update my blog, it’s good to know there are people besides my family who are following my adventure πŸ˜€

So things have been up and down after my trip to Malta.
Both, sister and I fell ill during/after our trip. And I was tired from being constantly on the move for the 2 months before that. Boston -> NYC – > Toronto -> NYC – > Boston -> UK -> Germany -> Malta -> Germany! (Phew. It was tiring to even type that!) I know that being on the move will be the norm this year for me but let’s just say I was ready to not move my arse for a while. Which is exactly what I did for a good 10 days after Malta. All I did was sleep, eat, read loads and well sleep some more.

And then of course I had to go back to London to pick up my OCI card. I was really excited to go back to see my friends and even more excited that once I left I would not have to go back to London anytime soon! I do love London, I think it’s probably the most happening and the most convenient city in the world (not that I have seen the world, yet) but even so, I’ve lived there enough to last me a while.
Goes without saying that it was brilliant to see my friends again, probably for the last time this year!
I also stayed with a couple of really close friends which was fantastic.

I learned a few things on this short trip, some good some bad. I’ve lost a friendship (coz some people prefer playing dumb or pointing the finger at you instead of owning to their mistakes). You live and learn I suppose.
The good thing however (and don’t you laugh when I say this) is that I FINALLY learned to eat with chopsticks!!! (I knew this time off will teach me important lessons!) So, while staying with my Chinese friend in London, I mentioned to her my inability to eat with chopsticks and she said, “Shame on you Razia!” and then she flat out refused to give me a fork for dinner!! She is much smaller than me and I could have easily fought her for the fork if I had to but she kept brandishing the chop sticks in my face and I thought, what the hell, let’s give it a shot, may be 1000th time lucky. Besides, it would be good practice for my trip to SE Asia. It was a sloooow dinner and somehow really messy but I did it!! I ate my first ever meal with chopsticks! I will always remember the date (it was my mom’s b’day so next year we’ll have 2 things to celebrate). I even ate scrambled eggs the next day with chopsticks (for practice of course). I feel like I am now truly ready for SE Asia!
And speaking of Asia, I have started shopping for my trip. Whoop whoop! I bought a gorgeous red backpack from London. So far, I’ve been traveling with suitcases and they can be a pain if you move a around a lot. I thought it would be easier to just carry a backpack and I was right. Well, sort of. I packed the backpack to it’s fullest while coming back to Germany and dear lord, I nearly broke my back carrying that freaking bag on my back. While checking the bag in at the airport I realized why, it was 17.5kgs!!! So yes, it’s good to travel with a backpack but not when it’s SO heavy, duh! Another lesson πŸ™‚
I needed a couple of days to recover (physically and emotionally) from the pain and stress of carrying such a heavy pack.

Anyways, what am I doing now? I’m still in Germany. Sister and I have started packing for her house move which is this weekend (I thought I was done with relocations! After moving 10 times in 7 years in London I decided it would be easier to become a nomad. And here I am, 3 months into my trip, doing yet another relocation. LOL.

So happy packing and moving to us!

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