Wo ist der Grünkohl! (Where is the Kale!)

I honestly think that Germans should eat a bit less pretzel and wurst and a bit more kale!! Ok, that was a bit harsh.

So, I’ve recently fallen in love with kale (and I am not exaggerating). I’d heard about these apparently super healthy greens for a while but somehow I never thought of trying it. Then my friend prepared it for dinner one night, while I was in Boston, and that was it! I fell in love with the delicious, crunchy leaves and the fibrous stems! Now, I actually crave kale and try to buy it as often as I can.

But in the 4 or 5times I’ve been food shopping in Germany (ok, just in the town of Ingolstadt) I’ve only managed to buy kale once! They hardly stock this green and some people don’t even know what it is. The one time I found it, the lady at the checkout actually asked me, “was ist das?”. I was like “Was ist das?! Was ist DAS! Das ist Grünkol!!” (I said that in my head of course).

I know I am getting emotional but ich möchte grünkohl bitte 😦

P.S. After a bit more research it turns out that Kale is actually a favourite in Northern Germany so much so that they have kale festivals during the kale season! I am sure some of it makes it way down south. That’s going to be my mission in Germany. To find Kale. Finding Kale!

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