All my bags are packed…I’m ready to go

I am glad I chose to start and end my trip in Boston. I love it here and can totally see myself living here. In fact, the only reason Boston is second to Barcelona (for places I’d like to live in) is because it’s in America and not Europe. But the vibe of the city, the beautiful Charles river and the long walking trails around it, the Harvard Square, the suburban looking houses and the relaxed pace of life here have won my heart.

I spent my last week here in a very non-touristy way. I left my camera at home, went for long walks along the river and in the city and tried to memorize as much of this amazing city as I could, went to the cinema and just enjoyed being here and feeling grateful that I got the opportunity to see Boston.

But it’s that time again, when I have to pack up just as I start to feel like I am settling in; when I feel sad at leaving something behind but also super excited about what’s to come next.

There are absolutely no regrets about this trip. I’ve relaxed a lot, done lots of sight seeing when I had the energy to and eaten delicious food while still managing to fit into my jeans (phew!). But the highlight of this trip has most definitely been seeing my closest friends and family. They’ve all been fabulous hosts, have pampered me beyond any expectations and have made me feel at home. So a BIG thank you to all of them (Vivek, Akshay, Anne, Sohail, Samira, Supriya, Hassan) for making this trip so memorable!

From here, it’s on to London for a couple of days to see more friends and then to Germany to spend a few months with my darling sister!

Now, as sad as I feel doing it, I need to finish packing….

2 thoughts on “All my bags are packed…I’m ready to go

    1. Likewise Supi, it was wonderful seeing you again! 🙂
      And yes, I will let you know in case I am back in Boston 😉 😉


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