Farewell NYC

Back to NYC after a fabulous time with family and friends in Toronto. As much fun as that was, I was super excited to see my friends in NYC again especially since one of them was celebrating his 30th the next day.

His birthday was all planned out. We prepared an amazing brunch to start our day.


I had rest of the afternoon free while my friend was getting treated to a helicopter ride followed by a Swedish massage. I had a choice between the Liberty Island, going to the top of the Empire State building or going to the Met Museum. It was going to be very cold and windy the whole day so I decided on the Met and was super glad I did!

The Met is a beautiful museum and I was hit by the wow-factor as soon as I entered the building. It is the largest museum in North America and the 10th largest in the world. It has 18 galleries and in the 3 hours that I was there I managed to see only 2! (‘Drawings and prints’ and ’19th and 20th century European paintings and sculptures’). I also managed to see the American wing and a courtyard full of European sculptures. I had read on Trip Advisor that you need one whole day to see the Met but I think I’d need a week! But it’s a must-do if you visit New York. Even if you don’t enjoy museums it is worth going there just to see the building and walk around inside. The admission cost is ‘recommended’ so you can pay as much or as little as you like.






After that I went to the Rockefeller Center to take pictures of the Christmas tree before heading for my friends B’day dinner at a South East Asian Fusion restaurant called Spice Market. It was a super tiring day as I was on my feet for 7hrs straight (with no lunch) and was super glad to be finally sitting down and enjoying delicious food and wine. It was the perfect end to my stay in NYC.


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