Home Alone

Around 5 days have passed since Niagara Falls and this is the laziest I’ve been since I’ve come to the US! It’s a combination of being tired after NY, it being cold outside and my cousin’s gorgeous house that has made me stay indoors.

The first time I entered the house, when all I could see was the living room, the family room and a bit of the kitchen, I fell in love with this place. The cream coloured walls, the soft brown/beige furnishings and the beautiful dark brown wooden floors makes this place so very warm and welcoming. It’s a massive house, set on 3 floors and for my stay here I’ve got my own bedroom and bathroom…nice! What struck me the most are the wooden floors though. Usually, I hate walking bare feet coz my feet get really dry (and dirty) but walking on wooden floors is so awesome that I’ve ditched the flip flops for now!

So the past few days I’ve had a lot of me-time (whoop whoop!) which I’ve spent on cooking and reading and then watching movies with my cousin and sis-in-law in the evening! I have offered them a deal; they can hire me as their personal cook in return for letting me live here! Their decision awaits…

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