Not quite good-bye

The first few days in NYC felt like the city was pumping energy into me! I was out everyday and there was a lot of sight-seeing and really long walks. Now this is what tourists usually do but based on how I spent my time in Boston I was amazed at how much I did.  Fast forward a few days and I started to feel a bit drained.

In my last few days, I didn’t do much touristy stuff except walk the Brooklyn bridge with my friends and take loads of pictures (finally got some with myself in them. Woohoo!)




Another day I cooked Indian dinner for my friends which consisted of chicken curry, chick pea and spinach curry, raita, roti and rice. It turned out pretty good if I can say so myself. My friend made brownies for dessert which was followed by yet another food coma! I am honestly surprised that my clothes still fit me!

My last day in NYC was the warmest it has been in the last week. Within 2 days it went from below freezing to 18 degrees C but I was so knackered I could not face the idea of leaving home. So I spent the whole day indoors (and loved every minute of it) catching up with friends and family and just painting my nails and reading. I guess the Empire State building and the Met museum will have to wait for when I come back from Toronto. Speaking of which,  I should probably pack for my flight out tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Not quite good-bye

    1. Ha! Do you even listen to me when we chat? From now, at the end of every chat, I will ask you random Qs to test if you were listening to me or not ;P


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