Touring NYC – WTC, China Town, Little Italy

So my friend’s girlfriend, who feels equally like a friend to me now, took a day off to show me around and I was really excited at having a girl’s day out.

I was ready to go with her flow as she knows NYC REALLY well. We started with ground zero which has another building in place of the twin towers and a memorial structure that’s under construction, nothing much to look at to be honest. The twin towers were a wonder when they existed and their non-existence is a wonder in itself. People go to the site to see and take pictures of what “should have been”.

There was a lot of walking throughout the day, from Wall Street to China Town to Little Italy then Soho. The highlight for me was the food in China Town. My friend took me to a place called Joe’s Shanghai with the best dumplings in town (as of 2011). We had soup dumplings for starters which is soup and meat WITHIN the dumplings! Never had these before and it was so much fun (but quite messy to eat, or may be it was just me). But my friend showed me the trick to eat them. You had to put a dumpling on a spoon, take a tiny tiny bite, to let the steam escape, then drink the soup in the dumpling from this tiny hole. And then it was cool enough, eat the dumpling. Messy, but oh so nice. For mains it was gorgeous battered king prawns with a reddish think sweet spicy sauce, amazing shanghai flat noodles in some thick sauce and some brocolli. IT was all so good! I wanted to take pictures but the camera was in my bag and the food was just way too good to deviate from. (Thinking back, I should have taken pictures, would have made me eat a little less). Then to Little Italy for coffee. I resisted the urge to pig out on piece of cake and drank only coffee instead.





I usually eat out once a week and this was the 4th day, in a row, that I was eating out. God I am feeling super fat, damn NYC. I started feeling really queasy on the train ride back so I ditched my friends for dinner and stayed home and enjoyed delicious porridge instead. I LOVE porridge, seriously!

Anyways, it was a fab day. Great food and conversation was the highlight for me. I am so glad I came to New York to see my friends. Although I must say NYC is a concrete jungle, its an amazing place but it’s a compressed London. No way would I ever live here, I’ll take Boston any day.

Anyways, off for another 10hrs in bed. So glad it’s the weekend tomorrow, need a day off from sight seeing.

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