Saturday night in Boston

Beautiful sunny day. (I know I keep repeating the “sunny” bit too often. I’ll get over it at some point, not just yet). Pretty relaxed start to the day, nothing new there. Went out for a walk coz it was sunny with clear blue skies but after walking about 10minutes I decided that I was in no mood for a walk so instead I went to the river and sat there enjoying the sunshine and singing at the top of my voice (after making sure no one was around to witness it). Rest of the day was spent at home doing something, I can’t remember now, probably just reading and eating like usual.

In the evening though we went for a book launch party! My friend’s neighbour has just written his second novel (Swift River by Robert Binstock). I’ve never been for a launch before so I was excited to see what it would be like. It was just like a house party really (except it was in a rented hall) and lots of food and drinks. I got to know some really nice people there and I exchanged emails with some and I intend to keep in touch with them. After the book launch we went for a quick drink with my friend’s friends and then from there to get more drinks. I was in the mood for some greasy food so we ended up in a dive bar which is just a really cheap version of an American diner that serves really cheap drinks and cheap but big portioned food, just what we were looking for. We ordered burgers, fried calamari, chicken fingers, jaeger bombs, Jameson shots and some wine. It was after 3 am before we went to bed. Really good night. Not such a good morning.

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