After almost 2 weeks of being in Boston I finally decided to go to MIT. Turns out I had been passing by the campus every time I walked the Harvard bridge to Boston, didn’t realize they had such a big campus (spread across a mile).

I decided to get a map to begin with so I went to the visitor info booth within the main MIT building but they didn’t have any paper maps. I decided to get some info off the interactive map and take pictures to use as a guide but some of the functionalities on the system were not working! I guess even MIT underestimates the need for good QA, I should apply for a job here when I run out of money and teach them a thing or two about QA. Anyways, I managed to take pictures of the MIT Campus map outside the building and used that to get around instead.

Besides the fact that you are in the THE best university in the world there’s not much to the campus. But it was good to be able to walk around the grounds, to walk through various department buildings and see students huddled together trying to solve the problems of the world (or to create some more, who knows).



Before going to MIT I had checked tripadvisor for some tips and it mentioned the Stata Centre and List Visual Arts Centre. And these things were meh! Stata centre was just some weird ass building, not even pretty.


The Arts Centre is a small museum of contemporary art. It took me all of 10mins to take my jacket off, check in my bag, chat with the receptionist and to see the exhibits. Now, I have nothing against contemporary art but I still cannot see the point of putting a yoga mat on the floor and calling it art. Or putting a broken piece of furniture on the floor.


I was told that the best exhibits from the Centre are taken by the MIT students for a year (in a lucky draw contest) and what the Centre holds is the left overs. I was just glad that the entrance was free.

A friend of mine studies at MIT and he mentioned 2 libraries that I should visit, Dewey and Hayden, which are two of the 5 subject libraries at MIT. Hayden was river facing so I went there to chill out for a bit. I didn’t get pictures of the inside as it was SO quite in there and I didn’t want to be told off but I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs some quite time. You can use one of the computer desks or study tables or just grab one of the big armchairs in front of the ceiling to floor glass windows overlooking the river, which is what I did. I planned to read but it was so calming to sit facing the river and watch students sail around that I did just that for a few hours.

I decided to leave when my stomach started growling. I realized I hadn’t eaten properly since breakfast 8hrs ago and this knowledge made me even more hungry. I decided to head back home and grab a bite but I crossed a Chinese restaurant called The Dumpling House on the way and I caved. I ate a delicious dish of noodles cooked with minced pork, roast nuts, spring onions and a yummy sauce, for only $13.

DSCF0454 (2)

It was then time to go to Wholefoods for some cheesecake. Good end to the day!


6 thoughts on “MIT

  1. Let’s don’t be hasty here! Haha! Are you sure yoga mat was a piece of art or perhaps it was a “furniture” you should have used to lay down, relax and contemplate about that contemporary art around it. –‘


    1. LOL! Thanks for the tip, next time I am in Boston, I will try lying down on the mat and see if I enjoy the “art” more 😉

      P.S. Wonderful to see you here Marek!! 🙂


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    1. Hi Rudolf,

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      I’ve checked but you are not in my user’s list so there’s no way for me to unsubscribe you. You will have to unfollow from your end.

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      Hope this helps!


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