Harvard Museum of Natural History

Even before visiting the museum I had decided that the Harvard Square was my favourite area in Boston. I have mentioned my reasons in another Harvard Post so I won’t ramble on about it again. But today I visited the Harvard museum of natural history. I knew I would enjoy it but even so it exceeded my expectations.

The museum is set along 4 floors but only the 3rd floor was open to the public, probably coz it has all the exhibits. I started with the Planet and Earth sciences section where there was an amazing display of minerals and stones from different parts of the world.


I know it’s basically just colourful stones but it’s just amazing to see such un-manipulated beauty. It was also very interesting to see how the same minerals from the same country can look so different simply coz they come from different mines.

I then proceeded to the Glass flower exhibition and this was spectacular in my opinion. You look at the pictures below and think “yeah, they are flowers, so what” but they are NOT flowers, they are glass models of flowers that look so life like that it’s astounding. Such talent!



The next few sections were about arthropods which is basically invertebrate insects but the museum has some amazing collection of butterflies, beetles, etc. I didn’t read much descriptions around the exhibits but some that I did were just gross. Like the parasite that lodges itself to the base of a fish’s mouth and releases some toxins which eventually causes the fish’s mouth to fall off so that it can use the rest of it’s body as a home! What a selfish mass-hole.

There was more to see and read about worms and cockroaches but honestly, I find them gross, and I didn’t want to throw up all over the museum floor so I skipped this section. There were other sections about climate change, dinosaurs, mammals, birds from around the world, Asian and African animals and Mayans. I won’t go into a lot of detail but what stood out for me was the fossil of a 42 feet long Pliosaur called the Kronosaurus! And the biggest turtle which apparently has been mentioned in the Guinness world book of records.

DSCF0418 (2)

If you are into this sort of stuff you should totally visit this museum. And it’s unbelievably cheap at $12.

After having spent 2 hours on my feet (every minute was worth it!) I made my way to Burdick’s for their hot chocolate again. It was absolutely packed coz it was Friday or perhaps because it had gotten really cold and Bostonians decided that the only compensation for the weather is Burdicks’ hot chocolate! This time I tried their milk chocolate variety and I went for the smaller cup and I can say that this was THE best hot chocolate of my life. No pictures this time coz I was cold and hungry and tired and drinking my “heaven in a mug” was more important.

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